Of all the places….

I know that it’s most likely that you know of this building but I feel that it has a place on my blog as it is one of my favourite buildings in the world. The Natural History Museum in London. I’ve passed this building so many times throughout my life and even now I stare out of the car, coach or taxi window awe-struck. The building, for me, is one of the most exquisite buildings in London. I have always been awe-inspired by the power that this building seems to have over its surroundings.

The Natural History Museum replaced the International Exhibition building that was thought of as ‘the ugliest building in London’. The architect for this was meant to be the designer of the new building but he died suddenly and his work was taken over by Alfred Waterhouse who changed the style from Renaissance to German Romanesque. Purpose built, it contains many elements that relate to the collections it holds; these include columns that are designed based upon fossil trees and terracotta ornamental carvings that show both extinct and living animals. New designers have added elements such as walkways and light features that are very modern and functional whilst managing to maintain the beauty of the existing building. One of these that really deserves more credit is the walkway that leads through the dinosaur room. I used this structure in my first year at uni to learn about survey work by measuring it up and drawing plans.


~ by beckygroves on March 24, 2010.

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