Feathers…not just for cabaret

Why is it that we humans want it all? Beauty is something we can all appreciate and the beauty of a feather is something we can all see. Is it because we just desire something we can never truly own, like the bright orange fur of a tiger or the silky scales of a crocodiles skin. When I see these things worn by a human I can appreciate how beautiful it looks but at the same time I’d prefer to see it on the animal.

The good thing about feathers though is that we can make them synthetically so if you choose to follow this trend as admittedly I have fallen for, please do it with care and respect for the animals for whom this is a part of their body.

images courtesy of vi.sualize.us, yesvincent and google.


~ by beckygroves on September 10, 2010.

One Response to “Feathers…not just for cabaret”

  1. This Article is by far one of the best you’ve shared with us! 😉 x

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