Whoever thought something so small could hold so much?

I am in love with these Super Talent Pico USB memory sticks. I first bought one in my first year of uni and I now have a small (literally) collection. Prior to that I’d been using chunky plastic USB sticks that came with a lid which I would inevitably lose and one USB stick actually broke because it bent when I took it out of a college computer.  I was looking for a USB with a large capacity in order to store media content and CAD files that I needed to work on in different locations, print or were files I needed to have at hand and keep a back up. I came across the product on Amazon.co.uk and they immediately appealled to me because they look so nice.

Not only are they pretty but they’re also a decent bit of kit and they’re so light and small. You can keep them on your keyring, identity badge strap or even put them on a chain and wear them around your neck or wrist. I even attached on to a pen I had that came with an attatched chain. I’ve been quite lazy with one of mine and haven’t used these methods, instead I pop it in the tiny pocket that you get in a handbag that is really meant for your phone but I never use it for that (they rarely accommodate phones as wide as Blackberrys are). I bought my mum the gold one for Christmas and she’s still shocked that it has an 8GB capacity.

You will find that the first time you use it it needs a little extra  push in but after this it will be fine. I think this is due to the fact that it is solid metal in contrast with the ordinary USB’s where you would push in a thin moulded piece. I usually buy the 8GB USBs from Amazon.co.uk for £16.00-20.00.


~ by beckygroves on September 16, 2010.

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