Robots in Love

I popped down to the Affordable Art fair in Bristol this weekend and spotted some gems.
One of which was a print by Mengsel design, called ‘Robots in Love’. My friend turned to me automatically and asked the inevitable question that has now become the central point to an ongoing discussion, ‘Do you think its possible for Robots to fall in love?’.
This is an obsession for some, the idea that one day machines will be able to think for themselves, developing emotion and feeling.
The questions roll off our tongues; how long will it take?; what are the dangers?; what will it cost?. Until we reached the stage that we had questioned whether we ourselves could possibly be robots, and the it hit me.
Maybe it isn’t literally about robots being in love at all. Robots are merely machines built to imitate our actions and perform them in a more efficient manner in order to improve the skill, speed and quality of work. They are programmed to fulfil their function.
Is this idea of robots in love more of a joke at our own expense?
What is love after all? We only know it as being a feeling, an emotion. We have been told what it is and how it feels by others, through film, television, magazines, blogs, conversation, etc. We are programmed to think that we know what love is and what it feels like. So is this image really just a way of saying that in love we are all just robots performing a role?


~ by beckygroves on May 17, 2011.

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