Handmade Christmas


This year has been a pretty eventful one full of surprises. We are starting from scratch as a new family in our first home together at Christmas. As money is a bit tight I thought it would be a good idea to make our own decorations. Our baby son is a bit too little to help with decorations this year and we decided to start our own family traditions including letting him choose one new decoration each year (and his brother(s)/sister(s) in future).
To fill the Christmas tree this year I’ve been making my own decorations in the thought that they wouldn’t look amazing but they’ve exceeded my expectations so here are they are and you can make them yourself if you like. They’re really easy!

You will need:
Assorted Cookie cutters
Air drying clay
Nail varnish
Gold pen (I used a rollerball)
Gold Embossing powder
Something to make the hole eg. End of a paintbrush
Use a wipeable surface (I use the underside of a cutting mat.

Step 1: roll a ball of clay into a ball then flatten and roll out flat about 5mm thick.

Step 2: using a cookie cutter press out the shape.

Step 3: Press the end of the paintbrush into the top of the shape leaving minimum 5mm around to make a hole for the ribbon. I then drew onto the shape while still wet so the writing was imprinted.
Leave to dry overnight.

Step 4: using nail varnish and glitter paint the decoration as you wish. Remember to leave each coat to dry before adding to it. Go over imprinted writing with gold pen.

Step 5: once dry cut a length of ribbon fold in half, thread it through the hole in the decoration and loop over. Or you can glue it to the back of the decoration if you don’t want to make a hole.

Hope you have fun making them.

Warning: If you’re making these with kids you should use non toxic materials and supervise them at all times!!


~ by beckygroves on November 10, 2012.

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