When the designer should be distinguished from the decorator… an ongoing discussion

The next time you step into a restaurant, bar, club, hotel, shop, office or hospital or any other interior, look around; really stop and take in your surroundings. The majority of these spaces will have been put together by an interior designer. Everything is there for a reason, every inch of the room has been thought over. Great interior design requires more than a dash of creativity, it requires extremely imaginative thinking, seeing space as an empty shell with endless possibilities or rearrangement. Primarily it is about space, light, functionality and atmosphere. I’m sorry to be pedantic but I feel strongly that Interior design should be recognised for the great resource that it is.

‘When I’m at a dinner party and I’m asked what I do… I have found myself trying to explain without using the term ‘interior designer’ as this generally is received with a certain look… Lunches, shopping, cushion plumping, all flash before their eyes, followed by something along the lines of, ‘I have this difficult room, what could I do?’

Simon Cavelle, A Professional Approach: FX Magazine

As society has changed there has become a larger market and therefore a wider variety of demand. We no longer have just architects and designers, industry has developed and we are in the age of computers, there are graphic designers, creative designers, computer technicians and computer aided design technicians to name a tiny few of the wide expanse of specialisms today. The interior designer has had to rename itself as an interior architect because the interior decorator feels that the word decorate is be-littling. The title distinguishes the consumer market just as much as it does the professional.

‘The Interior designer at the end of the twentieth century is necessarily a businessperson as well as an artist, and also the master of expert knowledge in building codes, fire and safety codes, environmental issues, ergonomics, space planning, accessibility and more.’ (S. Abercrombie, A Century of Interior Design)

‘The modern interior is designed, not decorated.’

Donald Deskey, Interior Decorator magazine (later becoming Interiors Magazine)



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  1. Thanks for the quote.

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