Funny find

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I love this tshirt, just came across it whilst browsing Magma‘s website!


Work and play – combined

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I started a new job as an admin assistant at the local college and I was asked to do some design work to represent our department for the open day. I don’t want to put all of it up due to copywright of logos etc but here’s a look at the name cards I designed, they’re pretty cute. Love that I can combine my job with the things I enjoy doing most!

Outrace – my message

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London Design Festival: Machines under Nelson

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Love this; Outrace.  Designers Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram were commissioned to create an installation in Trafalger square. The outcome; a group of eight industrial machines on loan from Audi that write messages with light. Anyone can put forward a message on the website and you can watch a live feed of the exhibit. The installation is only there until Thursday 23rd September so be quick to get your messages up. I’ve noticed that someone has used the opportunity to propose already, bless!

Check out the website at and other work by the designers at

Standing up for femininity, Nika Zupanc

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I must admit that I was quite jealous when I came across designer Nika Zupanc when flicking through the October 2010 issue of Icon magazine. The magazine has set aside a deserved six pages to the Slovenian designer who says ‘Contemporary design is very much a boys’ club, I’m challenging that.’ Zupanc’s goal is to stand out in a male dominated industry.

Her products have a sure reflection of femininity with details such as bows, flowers and sensual curves. Although they aren’t too fussy, they’re functional and easy to maintain and clean. Nina’s has her own brand, La Femme et la Maison. She exhibits her work in life size contemporary doll’s houses with cute façades. I love the quirky elements in her work like the bows which have always been something that I like to work with but her designs aren’t cosy and ‘mumsie’ they stand for the image of the feisty career girl.

New Gucci Ad/Film

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This new ad for Gucci Guilty perfume by Frank Miller clearly took it’s influence from the film ‘Sin City’. I noticed the colour scheme of monochrome with splashes of neon yellow is taking a stronghold in the design world at the moment. Check out these screen shots I caught.

Whoever thought something so small could hold so much?

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I am in love with these Super Talent Pico USB memory sticks. I first bought one in my first year of uni and I now have a small (literally) collection. Prior to that I’d been using chunky plastic USB sticks that came with a lid which I would inevitably lose and one USB stick actually broke because it bent when I took it out of a college computer.  I was looking for a USB with a large capacity in order to store media content and CAD files that I needed to work on in different locations, print or were files I needed to have at hand and keep a back up. I came across the product on and they immediately appealled to me because they look so nice.

Not only are they pretty but they’re also a decent bit of kit and they’re so light and small. You can keep them on your keyring, identity badge strap or even put them on a chain and wear them around your neck or wrist. I even attached on to a pen I had that came with an attatched chain. I’ve been quite lazy with one of mine and haven’t used these methods, instead I pop it in the tiny pocket that you get in a handbag that is really meant for your phone but I never use it for that (they rarely accommodate phones as wide as Blackberrys are). I bought my mum the gold one for Christmas and she’s still shocked that it has an 8GB capacity.

You will find that the first time you use it it needs a little extra  push in but after this it will be fine. I think this is due to the fact that it is solid metal in contrast with the ordinary USB’s where you would push in a thin moulded piece. I usually buy the 8GB USBs from for £16.00-20.00.