The Nutré Gallery

I designed the Nutre Gallery for my final major project for the foundation degree. We were asked to find a jewellery designer in order to design a workshop, gallery, cafe and retail space to showcase their work. After a lot of researching I focused my attention on an up and coming designer called Nutre Arayavanish.

Originally Nutre wanted to be an illustrator, she loves hand drawings and is greatly influenced by the way that a drawing is created.

Nutre Arayavanish’s work is strongly inspired by her Thai origins. I took this into consideration during my research and tried to create a scheme that was sympathetic towards the personality and character that the jewellery has developed through these origins. I came up with the shape for the workshop by looking at her collection, the ‘Blossoming’ series of rings that she had designed inspired by the life cycle of a flower. By drawing the rings I worked to simplify the form eventually creating this form that combines the impression of growth and the irregularity of natural form.

By putting the workshop at the centre of the space I wanted to accentuate the fact that that is the core to the process of taking the piece of jewellery from idea to reality. When most people buy jewellery they don’t really know who designed or made it. The space that I have designed gives the customer the opportunity to actually see the designer at work making their purchase a lot more personal.

How can you expect to create a beautiful object in a factory setting where your imagination
isn’t free to dream?
I don’t think that a jewellery designer should be cramped in a large scale workshop with too many workers. The concept that I have come up with gives each designer their own private space to work whhilst still allowing for interaction with eachother. The individual designer is able to have easy access to their own set of tools and equipment. Larger equipment and machinery is contained in a separate room in order to keep noise levels to a minimum.


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